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Abbey Personnel Ltd are working in line with The Employment Agency Standards. We are therefore required by law to keep your details on record for a period of 6 years. Abbey Personnel Ltd will then archive you information after that period has passed if no work has been undertaken.

If you are unsure of your rights regarding this please go to the government website. 

By signing this registration form, you state that all of your details are correct, and you understand and agree to general data protection regulation (GDPR) coming in effect from 25th May 2018. 

Working Hours Regulations Act 1998

The working time Regulations 1998 (the regulations) require the company to limit your average weekly time 48 hours per week unless that you agree with the company that the hours do not apply to you. The company wished to have an agreement with you. it proposes and agreement (which shall apply until terminated by notice) on the basis that: 

1. The 48 hour limit on average weekly working time will not apply to you.

2. You may terminate the agreement (so that the48 hour time limit would apply to you) by giving the person at the company who you usually report to 3 months written notice.

Under the regulations the company must keep records relating to your working time. This is the case whether or not you reach an agreement with the company about waiving working time limits. 

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