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How to conduct effective interviews

As a recruitment agency we often get asked tips for conducting successful interviews 👩‍💼

Whilst a lot of interviews are conducted by the hiring manager themselves, we have picked up lots of great tips over the years.

> Prepare thoroughly: Familiarize yourself with the job description, the qualifications, and the desired skills of the position you're hiring for. Develop a list of questions that will help you assess candidates' abilities and suitability for the role.

> Create a comfortable environment: Make sure the interview setting is welcoming and puts the candidate at ease. A relaxed and comfortable candidate is more likely to perform well during the interview 🌟

> Use a structured interview format: Develop a consistent set of questions that you ask each candidate. This allows for easier comparison and evaluation of responses. Include a mix of behavioural, situational, and technical questions to assess different aspects of the candidate's abilities.

> Active listening: Give the candidate your full attention and actively listen to their responses. This demonstrates respect and helps you gather valuable information about their skills and experience 👂

> Ask open-ended questions: Instead of questions that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no," ask questions that require candidates to provide detailed responses. This allows you to gain deeper insights into their thought process, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills 🗣

> Use behavioural questions: Behavioural questions ask candidates to provide examples from their past experiences that demonstrate specific skills or behaviours. These questions help you assess a candidate's abilities based on real-world situations they have encountered.

> Take notes: Jot down key points and observations during the interview. This will help you remember important details when comparing candidates later. However, be sure to balance note-taking with maintaining eye contact and actively engaging with the candidate ✏

> Allow time for candidate questions: Encourage candidates to ask questions about the role, the company, or the work environment. This not only helps them gather necessary information but also demonstrates their interest and engagement ⌛

> Be mindful of biases: Unconscious biases can influence interview outcomes. Be aware of these biases and consciously focus on evaluating candidates solely based on their qualifications and performance during the interview.

> Give candidates feedback: After the interview, provide constructive feedback to candidates, especially those who were not selected. This helps candidates understand areas they can improve upon and maintains a positive employer brand 😊

> Collaborate with the hiring team: If you're part of a hiring team, collaborate and share your insights with others involved in the decision-making process. Gather different perspectives to make a well-informed hiring decision 👥

Conducting effective interviews is an ongoing learning process. We are still regularly evaluating our interview techniques and adapting them based on the feedback we receive and the success of our hiring decisions 😁


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