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Passive Candidate Sourcing

Abbey Personnel have been working as a recruitment agency for over 20 years and along the way we have met hundreds of different candidates. Some actively seeking work and others who are not 👥

The difference between an active and passive candidate is active candidates are those who are looking for a new job where as passive candidates are those who are currently employed but may be open to a new role.

When it comes to sourcing passive candidates it is significantly harder but there are a few ways which can help the process. For example;

> Building a strong talent network: Maintaining a database of potential candidates who have expressed their interest in future job opportunities and keeping in touch with them regularly to stay top of mind 💪

> Social media recruiting: Using social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to identify and engage with potential candidates has helped us massively. It is useful to join industry-specific groups and communities to connect with passive candidates who may not be actively looking for new opportunities 💻

> Referral programs: Encourage your existing candidates and clients to refer their colleagues and friends who may be interested in new job opportunities 🗣

> Talent mapping: Research and map out the talent pools in specific industries or regions to identify potential candidates ✍

> Attend industry events: Attend conferences, trade shows, and other industry events to network and connect with a range of people 👨‍💻

> Personalized messaging: When reaching out to passive candidates, make sure to personalize your messaging and highlight specific aspects of the job opportunity that would be of interest to them based on their skills and experience 📱

> Use targeted advertising: Use targeted advertising on platforms like LinkedIn to reach passive candidates who may be a good fit for specific job opportunities 📄

By implementing these strategies, you can more effectively source and engage with passive candidates to help fill your clients' job openings!


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