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Seasonal Recruitment Trends

The first weeks of January tend to result in a job hunting peak, with candidates hoping to make good on their latest resolution and reflections over the Christmas break ↗

However this increase tends not to last very long with February bringing a decrease in the early year optimism and businesses limiting their spend after Christmas. As well as this, the large pool of active candidates in January means that many of the early year vacancies have already been filled and and company owners start to turn their attention to other business matters 👨‍💼

As we move into March and April for many businesses the end of the financial year approaches, often leading to an increase of accounting staff vacancies. As the warmer weather approaches too the number of construction vacancies also tends to increase 👷‍♂️

May often brings in a pool of graduates looking for temporary work during the Easter break which is cut short by June and July being the most popular months for people to travel abroad. With a lot of people away on their summer holidays, the recruitment process is slowed down. Depending on what sector of recruitment you work in, these months can be great for retail and tourism sectors as a lot of companies look for temporary staff to cover the busy summer months ☀

As graduates head back to school for August, the number of applications in this age bracket begin to decline. However as the end of the year approaches, many return back from their summer holidays. The autumn period always brings many new vacancies for recruiters. Despite candidates losing interest as Christmas approaches, a lot of temporary roles become available as company's look for staff to accommodate the busy festive season 🎄

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