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Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month is observed every April to increase public awareness about the causes and effects of stress, as well as strategies for coping with it ❤️ The month-long observance aims to encourage individuals to take care of their stress levels and find ways to reduce the impact of stress on their physical and mental well-being 🧠

Today we want to talk about one of the biggest causes of stress in the UK which is work-related stress with 79% saying they frequently feel stressed about work.

As a fully qualified recruitment agency we hope to encourage people to feel more relaxed about work as a whole. Whether that is helping someone find a job that works for them or helping candidates place the perfect employee on site, Abbey Personnel are here to make the whole process as stress free as possible by doing the following... 😊

1. We always keep clear communication with all of our contacts: We communicate with candidates and clients regularly and provide timely feedback on their progress which helps reduce uncertainty and anxiety during the job search process.

2. Job matching: We ensure that we match candidates with suitable job opportunities, taking into account their skills, experience, and preferences. This can reduce stress for both the candidate and the employer, as it helps to ensure a good fit.

3. Time management: We manage the process efficiently, setting realistic timelines and expectations for candidates and clients, reducing frustration caused by delays or uncertainty in the process ⏰

4. Support and guidance: We can provide support and guidance to job seekers, such as offering interview preparation tips or providing information about the company culture and work environment. This helps candidates feel more confident and prepared for their interviews. Our door is always open if you require any CV writing tips or any other queries 😁

5. Technology: We often use technology to streamline the recruitment process, such as online applications or video interviews. This can save time and reduce stress for both candidates and clients if an in person meeting is not possible to arrange 📲

By implementing these strategies, Abbey Personnel can create a more positive and supportive experience for job seekers and employers.

Overall, the goal of Stress Awareness Month is to promote a healthier, more balanced lifestyle by helping individuals understand the negative impact of stress on their health and well-being and empowering them with the knowledge and tools to manage stress in a healthy and effective way. With a team of knowledgeable recruiters we aim to make job searching a positive experience 😀

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